Who is Music Design Thinking for?

Whether a co-writer, band leader, record label producer, or more, the Music Design Thinking framework is for anybody who feels they need more focus on the audience during their songwriting process. It will be especially good for those who feel they get caught up in their own musical goals, and want to get fresh listener-focus in their day-to-day work or specialised projects. 

How it came about

The framework was originally developed as the subject of a marketing master thesis. Several of the canvases were modified or borrowed from design thinking and The Song Map ©, Listener Value Canvas ©, and Ideation Evaluation Board © were newly created.  Three artists tested the framework in their own work with varying results. The thesis was well received scored the highest marks possible. 

About Me

I'm Tim, a Berlin-based musician, producer, and several other things. After touring and writing in the United Kingdom for artists with varying levels of success, I moved to Germany to study marketing and "find a real job". This is where I discovered design thinking, became an avocado, forgot about music for while, and now I'm combining both. Will it work? You tell me.